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Terms and Conditions

Doll houses

** Sanded and repainted at least once a year with PVA Exterior!!

**  Veranda repainted once a year with waksol oil !!

SWELLING OF DOORS AND WINDOWS NOT COVERED (call out fee will be charged @ R320)


Wendy houses

**  Must be treated at least one month after installation with waksol oil !!

** Treated at least once a year again with waks  oil !!

**Installation - Free But on special request will be decided!!

All Areas must be cleared for the installation !!

We are not Responsible for  Tree felling , garden services, rubble removal if areas are not cleared- wendy house will be dropped off and clients own responsibilty to install / a Call out fee will be charged !!


Swelling of doors and windows not covered!!

Call out fees will be charged again after one month of installation !! (fee of R320)